Our users have reported saving 20-50% of their income since they started using Taikee.

How Polly’s New Mindset Grew Her Total Savings

From having a hard time saving and growing money, to a more sustainable, restricting-free experience and outlook with money, Polly reached her financial milestone and saved almost 30% more than she did before using Taikee — all of which while being a working-student and keeping up with her usual everyday habits.

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How Taikee Helped Luis Pay For His First Solo Trip

Meet Luis — on his third month of working and getting money of his own for the first time, he noticed that he spent his money so fast, to the point where he feels like he’s been spending money he doesn’t have yet. He felt as if he couldn’t keep doing this that early into his career — he needed a change.

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Hear from others heading towards financial growth


"Taikee made it so much easier to keep tabs on my cashflow across different accounts!"


"Using Taikee got me more disciplined with my spending."


"I’ve been using it for 5 minutes and I feel like my whole life changed."


"The thing that I like the most with Taikee is that you can create buckets to discipline yourself."


"It's so much simpler, yet more effective than the others I've tried."


"I’ve always dropped budgeting apps before, but Taikee’s finance kit was really easy and straightforward. Thanks to Taikee, I’m more aware of where I spend my money on."


"Everything you need for an expense & budget tracking tool is well-integrated with Taikee. It's one of the adulting essentials for me."

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