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Polly used Taikee to increase her monthly savings by 15%

It all starts with a new year’s resolution.

Everyone has their own new year’s resolution — may it be losing weight, meeting new people, or in Polly’s case, getting her (financial) situation together.

With the looming air of adulthood, having multiple streams of income, and thinking of her lifestyle activities, such as getting facials every month, hanging out with her friends, and generally keeping that work-life balance, Polly gave Taikee a go as a tool to help her keep track of where her money comes and goes.

“As long as it’s there”

This used to be Polly’s mindset: “As long as there’s money in my bank account, I have nothing to worry about.” This might be the mindset of a lot of people — especially when they’re just starting to handle and earn more money.

In Polly’s case, Taikee changed her process of thinking about money, because Taikee did the thinking for her.

No more manual calculations of her budget, wondering how much more she can spend, and thinking about where her money went. Taikee helped her visibly see exactly what she needed and what areas she had to cut back on spending.

Gratification of numbers

As an end result, Polly found gratification in numbers. Polly liked seeing “sexy” numbers on her Taikee financial tracker. Seeing negative or lower numbers on her tracker had an effect on her spending habits, and oppositely, seeing her balance increasing from X the previous month to Y in the next motivated her to create “missions” for herself.

Polly’s missions

Polly’s mission of hitting her first financial milestone came from seeing her money grow and tracking it through the Taikee financial tracker. “I was close to hitting my financial milestone, so I thought, why not try to save up and hit it?”

While trying to reach this goal, Polly mentioned that she was even more detached to the amount of money she had in her bank account, since she trusted that the percentages presented in the financial tracker would easily allow her to spend only what she needs to spend, and visibly shows her how much more she has on her set budget. This made reaching her goal stress-free without feeling the need to harshly restrict herself.

What did Polly get out of this?

From having a hard time saving and growing money, to a more sustainable, restricting-free experience and outlook with money, Polly reached her financial milestone and saved almost 30% more than she did before using Taikee — all of which while being a working-student and keeping up with her usual everyday habits.