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Luis saved up for two solo trips with the help of Taikee’s budgeting system

Planning for your money is hard. But planning for your money as a fresh grad is harder.

Meet Luis — on his third month of working and getting money of his own for the first time, he noticed that he spent his money so fast, to the point where he feels like he’s been spending money he doesn’t have yet. He felt as if he couldn’t keep doing this that early into his career — he needed a change.

In comes Taikee.

Luis found Taikee’s finance tracker and thought that it was great compared to the other tools he used because of the visibility it provides, the expense buckets it allowed the user to create, and the customization it gives to its users. This was the help he needed to take charge of his finances.

After a few months of using Taikee, Luis noticed that he was saving more, feeling less guilty about his finances, and most importantly, building good financial habits. He used Taikee’s financial template to his advantage by customizing it in a way where he would pay himself more often, and use the excess to still buy things he wanted.

Reaching a milestone.

When Luis’ friend invited him to come with him on a beach trip, it was all jokes until he realized that he actually had money to pay for his flight, accommodation, food, and activities. This was a major milestone for him as it was his first time not asking money from his parents and going on a solo trip with his friends — as students and fresh grads, that doesn’t usually happen. On the trip itself, Luis also mentioned that he didn’t feel guilty or worried about his money, as he knew that he had more than enough to pay for his stay.

Building the habit

I think it doesn’t matter how much you earn. If you get into the habit of spending badly, you still won’t be able to save and grow your money. It’s all about the habits that you build.

Something interesting that Luis mentioned was that Taikee helped him build good habits with his finances. “The template is something you constantly update, which forces you to track down all your expenses”. When he got visibility on what he was spending on and how much he was able to put aside, he changed his spending habits according to these, and got rewarded by his first ever solo trip with his friends.