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May 27, 2023

Release Notes — Budgets, Reports, and Other Improvements

Today marks a big day for Taikee users — we’re launching our biggest update yet with new features and major improvements to already-available features.


We’re introducing Taikee Budgets. This feature allows you to create and follow a monthly budget plan that resets every first day of the month. This allows you to get a better view on your finances in a month, and whether or not you’re on track for savings.

Some examples of how you can use this feature are:

Budgets can be created and edited from the Budgets page. The budget resets every first day of the month for now, but don’t worry — we’re already working on making this experience better by building a feature that allows you to choose when to reset a budget.


Taikee is also beginning to provide reports on your finances, starting with your ave. monthly savings, ave. monthly expenses, and your personal runway. We’ll be adding more reports as the weeks go by, so stay tuned for those!

For now, you can view your reports on the Taikee Dashboard and use them to get a better overview of your real-time finances.


Design Improvements

We’ve fixed a lot of visual bugs and experience issues on the product. Today, we’re introducing a fresh and new interface — a smoother and more fluid experience overall.


The activity log now allows you to update and delete past transactions. Transactions can now be linked to specific budgets and banks & wallets for better documentation.

Banks & Wallets

Adding banks and wallets manually into the platform is made clearer by the design revamp done on the feature. More banks and wallets, as well as a cash option, have been added to the platform to cater to more users.


The feature has been updated to provide better advice and insights for users. Finsights can be found in the Taikee dashboard with a new layout, now easier to read and digest. Personal finsights will now also refresh once every day to provide more valuable advice.

A New Website

Our website is also out with a new update! Learn more about the features, how to use Taikee, and other resources by visiting the new website at

We’re opening a new waitlist, so come invite your friends to sign up for Taikee! An invite system will also be out soon, so keep your eyes on the lookout 👀