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July 12, 2023

Credit Accounts

Credit Account Management

We’re finally releasing one of the most in-demand features for Taikee. You can now add credit accounts into Taikee and use them to properly see and manage your debts and bills.

With Taikee’s credit accounts feature, managing credit is as simple as adding an account, linking these to specific transactions, and recording bill payments in the platform for better tracking and management.

We make sure your cut-off dates, payment due dates, and interest fees are taken note of for accurate management. You can set these up easily when creating your credit accounts. Late fees and carry-over balances can easily be recorded, too.

This new feature was built separately from your typical bank accounts to help you better manage billing periods and payment due dates, making sure to keep your credit score healthy by actively monitoring your spending and your payments.

You can use this feature to:

  1. Manage credit cards (e.g. Citibank, BPI, etc.)
  2. Manage credit and loan apps (e.g. GCredit, Maya Credit, etc.)

And don’t worry, we hear you. We’re also building an installments feature to go along with your credit account management to help you monitor future payments and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) setups. You can expect this to come out really soon 😉

Updated Navigation Bar

Taikee features an updated navigation bar for better context — check out general actions, cash flow management, and debt/credit management for specific features that correspond to your needs.

Improvements and Fixes