Mar 2022

Taikee Updates: March 2022

As a company, one of our core values is over-communication. We love sharing, getting your thoughts, and celebrating big and small victories with you! We’re happy to say that we’ve been working on a lot thanks to your unwavering support, and we’re excited to keep you in the loop! ✨

Taikee Wrapped

Ever heard of Spotify wrapped? Yup, that short sequence that lets you know what you listened to on Spotify for the past year. Now, think that, but focused on your personal finances. 🤯

Taikee wrapped is Taikee’s first set of personalized insights created with the help of our partnered financial advisor, along with eye-catching visualizations of our alpha users’ spending data. Here, our users can easily see their biggest purchases, how much they’ve spent and saved for the month, and what else they can do to grow their finances such as planning their purchases ahead of time, or setting specific financial goals for themselves.

Speaking of our alpha users, our alpha program is in full swing! 💃🏻 We’re thankful that we’ve learned so much from working closely with our participating users. The team realized that while we constantly work on a seamless tool to help people track their finances, we also want to dive deeper into helping our customers form the better financial habits that would help them stay on top of their finances.

We’ve realized that mindset and habit building are keys 🔑 to success.

Taikee wants to create the best experience for our customers. 😉 With that, we’re looking for ways to meet you halfway to make it easier for you to keep track of your finances. Automation, integration, and linking are some ways we found to have you worry less about doing all the tracking manually, so we hope you’re looking forward to an easier, more seamless way of keeping your money in check! ✅

Creating insights for our customers was new to us, and we’re glad that our partnership with a financial advisor shed more light to perspectives that are essential to consider.

We also found that money management isn’t just money-in and money-out, it’s about setting goals, planning out, and creating sustainable habits. This is what we want Taikee to be — not just a tool for tracking money. We want to help you develop all the things outside of simply inputting your money-in and money-out to help you make better financial decisions. Don’t worry, we’re doing that through a refined experience with the app (with your help and feedback, of course)! 🤝

Speaking of the Taikee app, the team has been hard at work developing it, and we’re looking to launch it come the end of April to early May. Version 1 will include an automated budgeting system, a smooth transaction tracker, a notification system to keep you in check, and monthly financial insights.

Exciting, isn’t it? Only a handful of our users will have access to version 1, so feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking to be one of them! 👀

Data, data, data...

To help us generate better insights, we’ve onboarded a data team to work with us. 📈

The data team will be in charge of creating a robust system to transform your data into actionable insights that will help you grow your finances. This is all centered towards finding the best way to provide you with the best experience and value with Taikee. 💸

Taikee, On Deck!

Thanks to our work on these and your active involvement in building Taikee with us, we were able to bag first runner-up at On Deck’s No-Code Demo Day. On Deck No-Code (ODNC) is one of On Deck’s 27 programs that upskills entrepreneurs, operators, and builders through extensive programs, a tight-knit community, and technical workshops.  It is an 8-week program for ambitious builders who want a community to help them rapidly test ideas, launch products, and scale businesses with No-Code. The third cohort boasts 90 builders from around the world, consisting of different operators, founders with exits, budding entrepreneurs, and serial builders.

This win gave us and is continuously giving us access to more mentors, more traction, and more folks to help us out in building Taikee through feedback, insights, and new learnings. We’ve formed partnerships to help Taikee grow even more, with you at the center of it all.

You may watch the demo day here. 👋

All of these wouldn’t be possible without your help.

We want to celebrate more milestones with you, so we’re launching the Taikee community soon! 🎉 To kick us off, we released a newsletter on personal finance! Here, we talk about all things finance, and what you can do to better handle yours, so make sure you keep an eye out for it and subscribe at! Expect webinars on personal finances, cryptocurrency, and other financial topics, plus exclusive content when you join our community. Stay tuned! 🥳

Once again, we’d love to thank you for your constant support in us, and we’re excited to see where how all these translate to what we’re building for you! ✨