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Mar 2022

Taikee Updates: March 2022

As a company, one of our core values is over-communication. We love sharing, getting your thoughts, and celebrating big and small victories with you! We’re happy to say that we’ve been working on a lot thanks to your unwavering support, and we’re excited to keep you in the loop! ✨

Feb 2022

The Basics of NFTs

NFT this, NFT that... nowadays everyone seems to be buzzing about all things NFT. 🐒 Whether you’ve been feeling a bit of FOMO, or perhaps you’ve been eyeing them for a while now, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into the basics of NFTs and why they have been all the rage recently!

Dec 2021

The Pain of Paying

There's a psychology behind the pain of paying — something almost everyone experiences, but can't quite explain. Humans tend to be loss averse, we hate losing. This is why processing certain transactions mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically hurt us. Interestingly, different forms of payment such as cash, cards, and digital play a role in the strength of negative emotions we experience when paying. With discovering the psychology behind this, we can use the pain of paying to our advantage by embracing the pain to minimize our (often) impulse purchases.

Nov 2021

Is Cash Still King? The Rise of Digital Payments in the Philippines

The pandemic has changed the way people behave. We work, go to school, interact, and most importantly, handle our money and payments differently from how we used to pre-pandemic. More and more people now make use of digital payments such as bank transfers and GCash and PayMaya, and the potential of these payment gateways are undeniably huge.